Key worker permit – NHS staff only

Dear residents,

I want to firstly express a sincere thank you on behalf of L&Q and PCM and I am sure the entire country too, for your undivided attention and efforts to ultimately save lives. As a thank you to our front line NHS staff, including but not limited to:

a) Doctors

b) Midwives

c) Nurses

d) Ambulance care assistant

We have put in place a system whereby NHS staff can obtain Chobham manor PCM permits to park in bays of the following category:

  •  Non-marked bays

We understand that time is short, and for that very reason we have tried to keep the verification process simple but effective to ensure we maintain the developments upkeep but more importantly, that we do our part for you.

a) Email us at with some form of NHS ID as a picture

b) We will then draw up the permit with a unique code so it cannot be duplicated and send it out to you as soon as possible.

c) Simply place the permit on your dash and have no worries while you go ahead with your day.

It is with the support of all parties; Chobham manor residents association, PCM, Taylor Wimpey and of course all the residents of the development that we are able to manifest small but impactful ways to improve everyone’s situation.


Best wishes


L&Q and PCM.

What to expect this week

Here are a few things we are going to be doing this week. It is of vital importance that we keep all residents up to date with evertything that happens in and around the development. It creates a sense of unity, transparency and reassurance during this challenging time.

a) Watering the plants across the development

Interval: Daily (morning before the sun is at its peak)


b) Lights in the green to be adjusted to match sunset

Wednesday 27th May, 2020 (This may be subject to change)


c) Expect flyers regarding call in session on block front entrance doors

Wednesday 27th May, 2020

Thank you.

NEW – Call in session

An integral part of Chobham Manor is to maintain a thriving community. Amidst the current position we all find ourselves in, L&Q, after discussions with the CMRA have decided to hold the first video / call in session on the Wednesday, 3rd June 2020.

This will serve as an opportunity for all residents to have a 1-on-1 discussion with their management team on a number of subjects which you require some clarity or updates on. This is entirely similar to our ‘drop-in sessions’ held at the office, except, we will be carrying these out virtually.

Flyers will be posted on the front entrance door of each block.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your property managers on


Estate Management Update – May 21st 2020


  • Update on staffing / Management office

Following COVID 19 -The local site office remains closed to the public. The office is currently being used by the caretakers to complete their administrative duties (this includes the additional work they are completing for the Property Management Team) as well as providing the usual welfare facilities for the team. The property management team will not be present on site at the office for the month of May but please be assured that your Property Managers are still available and are providing a service to our residents and have been in communication via email/text/phone. Your Property Managers have arranged for a call-in session on 3rd June from 4pm-6pm. Communications will go out via text today, and there will also be a poster displayed in communal areas. The caretakers are continuing to carry out their normal duties whilst still concentrating on the high touch point areas.


  • Estate Inspections

Health & safety checks are still being completed by caretakers, in addition to their current roles they are now carrying out the Estate Inspections for each block for the Property Managers. The caretakers are reporting all issues on a daily basis to the property management team and also continue to report bulk/repairs/grounds issues etc.


  • Grounds Maintenance

We will be working with Taylor Wimpey over the coming weeks to tidy the rain garden, removing weeds and mulching around the trees. We will be concentrating on watering all of the trees and the bedded areas with immediate effect. Unfortunately, there are some trees that have died and will need replacing along with some plants that have been identified. A programme of works for the Grounds Maintenance is currently being put together with the assistance of Taylor Wimpey and some residents of Chobham Manor to ensure a more comprehensive and consistent approach going forward. We are also planning to meet Neil from CMRA next week to agree a plan.


  • Residents Guide / Maintenance Plan etc – rescheduled for end of April

Update – The Affordable Rents draft 3 was sent to CMRA & all stakeholders last month for feedback. This was also sent to a resident in Nolan Mansions to review, and other stakeholders.


  • Planned Programme of works

This is currently being worked on, and Sadia is liaising with our compliance team. We should look to have this completed by end of June.


  • Closure of Rain Garden ( Done) –Rain garden -info

The page dedicated to the rain garden will be added onto the website in the next fortnight. Once we have done this, we will text residents to redirect them to view this.


  • Parking Plates for Bays

Update the parking plate was shared with CMRA on 4th February, has also been shared with LLDC we are awaiting your comments on the design – Once we have this, we can then get these ordered and progress with this action.


  • Protective Spheres for kerb sides

Update Sample – 3 Bollards have been in place on since awaiting feedback from LLDC – then can progress to fitting the rest of them please note that it will take 6 weeks delivery time.


PCM  – No ticketing at this time

Update –  PCM have resumed enforcement on site from 14th May. We have created a permit for key workers in line with PCM. Residents who are eligible will need to contact the property management team and provide evidence. As we are limited in space for parking this will only be given to NHS workers.


  • Refuse

Service from Newham is continuing, and we are still in contact with the supervisor reporting any issues to him directly, including missed collections. Newham have also resumed the collection of bulk rubbish collections. The property managers still hold regularly monthly stakeholder meetings with Newham to discuss any refuse waste related issues or concerns.


  • Electric Charging Bays ( Residents have not been given any info at all and are finding out by word of mouth)

Update -Residents who wish to have information on how to use the pod points can go onto the pod point website where there is a guide on how to start using these:- – We will also be publishing this on Chobham Life and releasing a guide on who to contact at LQ for any queries/issues. In the meantime, residents should continue to contact us for queries via where we are more than happy to assist.


  • Disabled Bays-

Update Bays allocated as an option for disabled purchasers- These have not been utilised and have therefore been re-allocated to standard bays. The signage has been removed as their use was also being abused by vehicles outside the estate.


  • Roads Agenda ( Take up the offer suggested by Newham of a video link meeting to keep the agenda alive)

Update L&Q will contact Newham and reschedule a meeting via MS Teams – Date to be confirmed but looking at week commencing 8th June.


  • Newham Council and RPZ letter — update from Natasha, LLDC ,Newham ( none yet)- Update Newham have confirmed that this letter was sent out in error.


  • Shared Ownership – possible parking availability on Abercrombie as  in the original area plan ?( Shannon / Omar) –

Update There won’t be parking on here until the scheme is completed and the road is adopted


  • ELE – Support required from L&Q , Nareser , joint letter ?

I have contacted Councillor Osei and am in the process of setting up a meeting for next week to discuss this further. Date to be confirmed


  • Sinking manhole covers/pavements ( Pat/Arafat) –

Update L&Q and TW have identified and have a comprehensive list of all sites where all paving is sinking – this will be picked up at the end of Phase 3 unless they pose an immediate health & safety risk.



  • QR codes – what is the latest on repairs

The Property Managers met with Tabea last week, who raised some concerns on some resident not knowing how QR codes work. We will be releasing a step by step guide & some FAQs to go into noticeboards, and on the website. A text message will out be directing residents to the post. All action plans have been updated, and we continue to update these as usual.


  • Website 

The website is being utilised a lot more, with us redirecting residents for updates. All updates have been completed and time will be spent to improve this during the month of June.

  • Contact

Please be assured that your property management team are still available during this challenging time,  for assistance/guidance/reporting of estate related issues. Residents may contact Sadia & Arafat on their mobiles 07872 421177 or 07971341859. We are available from 9am-5pm, residents may also text or WhatsApp us on these numbers. We are also willing to have virtual meetings with resident’s via Microsoft teams, or set up conference calling where you can speak to both Sadia & Arafat, upon request. You may also continue to email the inbox Please do continue to contact us, as we are here to help in any way we can, and still provide an excellent service to residents of Chobham Manor.


  • Refunds to Residents re Estate Charges 19/20 ( Notification and

payments due )


Your final statement will confirm the final balance for the 2019/20 financial year. This will include a cover letter to explain the caretaking charges. Please be assured that Chobham Manor remains a priority flagship site and the service charge team are working flat out to get the finals out to residents however, we do have until 30th September to issue your final statement but no doubt that you will receive these a lot sooner than this.


  • Regarding the refunds : We request a justification regarding the implementation of the full-service charge from August 2019. At this time and until December 2020  we brought to your attention :

Lack of caretaking Staff

Unsupervised Staff

High Turnover of staff

Frequent Lack of Cleaning

Lack of any Estate /Grounds Management Plan

Lack of schedules for works to the estate ( Still not in evidence)

Lack of Residents guide ( Still not implemented after 3 years)

Lack of Management Plan for blocks with details of services and by whom ( Still not implemented)

The fact that we are still pointing out to you errors in the billing after 4 years ( Lack of buildings insurance being just one )

Update – Following our discussions with CMRA on this subject matter your final statements for 19/20 will acknowledge and account for the poor service and not the full complement of caretaking staff from ( April -2019 – September 19). This will be reflected in your final statements.

In addition, we are all aware that new service charges applies  April 2020 and residents are awaiting responses to the estimated charges 20/21 –


Update – L&Q provided a full response, and this was provided to CMRA on 17th April 2020 (please see attached email).


  • – We request a justification of the 15% Management Fee in relation to the above since the new “In House” system initiated in Jan 2019 has only come to fruition since December  2019  and in partnership with CMRA.

The 15% is specified by your lease. Your neighbourhood team agreed to reduce the management fee for 2018/19 based on the service provided. This was only agreed for 2018/19.

FAQ’s included in the letter this year refer to 10%. These are general questions that are typically asked by residents, not all questions and answers will apply specifically to your property.

We can look into issuing your next service charge estimate on a bespoke letter similar to your final statements.


  • With regard to the current buildings’ insurance. What is the total Premium and by how many properties is it divided?

Current premium is £210 per property and is charged to circa 20,000 properties


  • We request an expenditure spread sheet for each block  based on the 20/21 charges ( possibly linked to the QR Codes)

Your 2020/21 estimate represents the anticipated expenditure we are likely to incur in the coming year, there is no further breakdown we can provide.

As you receive a variable service charge, we will reconcile these estimated costs against the actual expenditure incurred at the end of the financial year. You can request a further breakdown of the invoices paid in that period at that time.

Can request a breakdown or copies of invoices once 19/20 finals have been issued.


  • Data Capture

The Property Managers prior to lockdown carried out a data capture exercise and currently we have received responses back from approximately 70% of residents but the Property Managers are to send out another reminder and push on obtaining this info.


  • CMRA suggestion of having Neighbourhood Champions/Block Reps

Update – discussion had around this idea and L&Q ae happy to support and promote this. The Property Managers are currently working on a flyer to advertise this.

PCM recommencing full duties on site


As from the 11th May our Permit Administration Team will be returning between the hours of 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday.  

As from the 14th May we will be recommencing patrols in all schemes throughout the UK ( this will be a reduced service with only 50% of enforcement officers returning at present).

Please Note: Our PCN enquiry line will remain closed – urgent queries must be directed to  appeals must be submitted via our online process or by post.