Traffic Management Plan for Phase 4

26 February 2020


Dear Residents,

Re: Traffic Management Plan update

I am writing to inform you that now the Piling is coming to completion on Phase 4 we will be implementing the new Travel Management Plan.

The new Traffic Management Plan has been designed to ensure the least amount of disruption and inconvenience to residents and local businesses.

We will be completing the hoarding around Phase 4 and after the tower crane erections w/c 02.03.20 (due to last 1 week) we will be reducing Olympic Park Avenue to a single lane from the existing hoarding line next to Park View Mansions along the face of Phase 4 to the road crossing at Timber Lodge.

Traffic will flow one way anti clockwise from Velodrome towards Honour Lea Avenue. Olympic Park Avenue will be separated with a line of hoarding along the centre of the road separating Construction Vehicles and general public.

People wishing to travel via Olympic Park Avenue will be directed along Honour Lea Avenue and Peloton Avenue. Following discussions, this plan was agreed as the safest and least disruptive option we have available to us.

See plan outline here: CM Ph. 4 TMP Logistics Hoarding Compound 2020-02-11 Rev. E


Kind regards,


Matthew Aylen

Regeneration Performance Manager