Anti-social behaviour in the local area – LLDC

Dear Residents of Chobham Manor,

On Saturday 18 July 2020, we witnessed an illegal rave being held in the Olympic Park. The situation quickly escalated and we understand how our residents and that of East Village may have felt. We take these unauthorised events seriously and will continue to work closely with our local partners to minimise this sort of disruption

Mark Camley – Executive Director of Park and Venues at the London Legacy Development Corporation sent out the following statement to reassure residents:

I am bringing local organisations together to look at the anti-social behaviour issues in the area. We are disappointed and frustrated, as you are, that people want to cause disruption in the local area.

I chaired a meeting on Wednesday with senior representatives of LBN, East Village, Lee Valley and the Metropolitan Police, including the Borough Commander. The meeting focussed on what more we could do collectively to deal with the issues in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, including East Village and Chobham Manor, and what specific measures we could put in place to make the best of our resources across the estate.

We agreed to:

  • Improved sharing of intelligence (although none of the agencies were aware of any information before the event on Saturday)
  • Increased and co-ordinated patrolling this coming weekend
  • Improved communication protocol if there is an issue

We can never guarantee that everything will be stopped but all organisations within available resources are redoubling efforts together to make it as unattractive and difficult for this sort of event in the future.

We also discussed re-starting the ward policing panel and I will follow up on that separately. 

As usual, should you notice anti-social behaviour of any sort, you should contact the local authorities and ensure you log your crime reference number. The recent pandemic has witnessed a momentous growth in community spirit, and we, L&Q, are certain issues such as this require just that; a unified approach to rid of such events.

Should you have any further questions or queries, please contact




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