no clothes to be dried on balconies

Balconies MUST be kept clear – No drying of clothes

During the first week of April L&Q sent out a text message to all residents. The text message stated the following:

Dear residents,

The weather is amazing, and we can be tempted to dry our washing out in the gardens, balconies and roof terraces, but please ensure you do not erect washing lines or drape them over your balconies.

Thank you in advance and stay safe”

We understand that washing and drying clothes, combined with the beautiful weather can resort us to the practice of letting the UV rays do the drying for us. After all, it is a common household chore and we all have to do it. However, let’s be sensible and respect the upkeep of our beloved development and make sure that your balconies are kept clear. It is for your own health and safety, and that of your loved ones. You may not see the risk, however, it is our (L&Q’s) responsibility to ensure you, your family and all the other families on the development are safe and sound.

Following this, L&Q have deemed it necessary to clarify some points in relation to the above topic. Below are points which apply to all residents within Chobham Manor. These include but do not limit to:

  • No clothes should be seen displayed on the external part of any building. It distorts the image of the development.
  • You should not be putting your clothes out to dry on your balconies under no circumstances. Your internal properties have been designed to allow for you to dry them inside. Drying clothes on balconies poses as a fire risk. Should ash from cigarettes reach the materials, they will set alight.
  • Your lease / tenancy agreement states that balconies must be kept clear. Non-compliance is a direct breach of your agreements.
  • You can not display your washing on a clothes airer
  • Those seen drying clothes will be addressed and asked to remove it immediately. We will be monitoring this practice on the development

Drying clothes on your balconies, be it on a clothes airer or draped over the frame poses a risk to everyone. It is also an eye sore.

Please be mindful moving forward. It is now, more than ever that we as a development must come together in unity.

Thank you in advance.