Temporary road closure / diversion

Hi All,

Please note, there will an operating crane today (approx 1 hour) only on the corner of Derny Avenue junction and Abercrombie Road. For this reason, Derny Avenue will have no through road to Abercrombie Road, nor will there be a through road into Temple Mill Lane, via Abercrombie Road.

Please see image below for clarity.

Thank you for your understanding.

Chobham Manor LLP.

Newham collections – update

Hi All,

I understand that a number of residents are experiencing a delayed collection as opposed to what the Newham website states.

I am in receipt of all of your concerns and wanted to ensure you are aware of the following:

  • Newham’s recycling collections take place every fortnight on a Friday. It is no longer ever week. 
  • Newham’s domestic collections take place on a weekly basis.

I am currently trying to ascertain when the last collection was and when the next ones are due, but in the meantime, if you are overflowing, please do let me know by way of email. I will do my best to come back to you as soon as possible. If I have not responded, apologies, please prompt me by requesting for an update.

I am conscious that the Newham domestic / recycling collections have been fragmented for multiple weeks now. I will work with Newham to construct a website post to go out to everyone confirming the current dates for collection, moving forward.

Please note, all cardboard boxes must be disposed of in the recycling bins. Failure to do so will result in Newham not collecting them. This does not warrant a missed collection report.

As new residents begin moving into phase 3 – we expect a influx of cardboard / recycling waste, but we kindly ask that you manage this. I will attempt to work with Newham and agree on having them collect all items, despite being in the bins or not. This will only last for a number of weeks, and then we would expect residents to follow normal processes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Arafat Hussain

Bike Theft Suspect

Hi All,

You may be aware that a bike was recently stolen on the 3rd October 2021 at 8:26am. I would urge all residents to ensure that the bike store doors are locked after use. If you are in need of a replacement key, please email me at ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk 

Please also keep an eye out for the individual in the still image below. If you spot him, immediately call 999.

He would normally be carrying some sort of duffle bag with him, which would contain his necessary tools to carry out the crimes.

Thank you.

Chobham Manor LLP


To Flush, not to flush – Prevent blocked drains

Hi All,

Below is advice to ensure that residents are preventing the chances of blocked drains in the development. Please read carefully and also please adhere to this advice as best as possible.

If you are renting your property long-term, please ensure they are made aware of the below. The costs to unblock drains and carry out CCTV surveillance of the drain networks are costly and can be prevented by way of following some simple steps.

Please click on the following hyper-link to view the PDF.

bin it dont block it

Thank you.

Chobham Manor LLP.

Chobham Manor – recent suspicious vehicles

Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to report the recent incidents in relation to the vehicle below. I have sent out an SMS to corroborate this website post.

Please ensure that any of your personal belongings i.e. bikes and other similar items of value are stored out of sight in the rear of your property. If you living within the building, please ensure that the bike store doors locks are fully engaged.

If you live in a street property, please avoid keeping valuable belongings in the front porch, so to avoid any attention.

I can only assume, due to the recent panic buying of fuel, individuals are now taking to certain developments in the hope that they will find jerry cans stored outside of properties.

Should you witness any suspicious behaviour or spot the same vehicle below – please immediately inform the police and report it to myself at ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk . We will need the crime reference number also.

All reports received over the weekend and today have been logged and passed onto the police. With the added report to police, from yourself, it reinforces the urgency.

Thank you for taking the time to read (image below).

Chobham Manor LLP


PCM discount code – September

Hello all,

Please note the new PCM discount code for Abercrombie Parking for September.


Thank you.

Chobham Manor LLP.

Uplift your community with Echo

Do you have an idea to uplift your community?

Echo are looking for East Londoners with early-stage projects or great ideas for uplifting your neighbourhood.

You can join a 6-month journey with a collective of local changemakers, to help you grow your idea and make a positive impact in your local area.

Promising projects will also be able to access up to £2,000 of funding to help sustain and grow their initiatives into the future.

By joining you’ll also have the backing of 5,000+ Echo members to put you and your project centre stage and a generous pot of Echoes to access the skills, services and help you need from our influential network.

Apply by midnight Friday 20th August 2021

Visit Uplift | Economy Of Hours to find out more.


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Half Marathon Road Closure

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Half Marathon is taking place on Sunday 5 September 2021 between 9am – 12.30pm.

Dates were previously highlighted in Park News, here you can find out a little more information about the event itself regarding the road closure timings and the route for the Park.


Visit the website link for more information here: www.londonhalf.com/event/queen-elizabeth-olympic-park-half-marathon-2021/


Road closure details have been listed below and road closure map can be found here: QEOP HM Route and Road Closure Map 050921

On the Sunday 5 of September, there will be road closures to facilitate the scheduled QEOP Half Marathon. These are outlined in the table below:


QEOP Half Marathon – Sunday 5 September 2021


Event Start: 09:00

Event Finish: 12:30

Event Village: London Stadium Island


Please note that every effort will be made to open roads as soon as is safe to do so once the race has been completed. With specific attention being made to the north sections of the Park.


Sunday 05/09/2021 Road Closure Timings
Road closure From To
Waterden Road   08:00 14:00
Lesney Avenue 08:00 14:00
Parkes Street 08:00 14:00
East Bay Lane 08:00 14:00
Siding Street 08:00 14:00
Westfield Avenue (from Waterden Road to Olympic Park Avenue) 08:00 14:00
Marshgate Lane 08:00 14:00

Between 08:00 – 14:00 Access to the Energy Centre and Park HQ will be via Rothbury Road and White Post Lane or Park HQ from 0800 – 1230.

Issued By: Park Operations and Venues team, London Legacy Development Corporation.

Please direct all queries to QEOPSiteWideComms@londonlegacy.co.uk

Lee Valley – August to September

Hi All,

Please note the below Lee Valley events between August and September


*Do not ignore* – Use of break glass within buildings

Hi All,

Please can you make sure that the break glass units are not used as a regular means of leaving the building.

Activating the break glass unit leaves the building insecure. The mechanical locks do not engage.

The break glass uses more electricity to release the locks on the doors and therefore, misuse of it can lead to a faulty door. This then means all other repairs are service chargeable and at a high cost to all other residents. Furthermore, upon using the break glass, it was requires a reset which only staff members can carry out. Until that is resolved, the building is left free for anyone to access.

Please note: If you see the yellow horizon, as can be seen in the image above, this means that the door will not lock unless the break glass unit is reset. Please do not call L&Q and have a contractor attend, until I have visited and investigated in the first instance.

Only under emergency situations, should you use the break glass i.e. Fire or if the regular push to exit button is not working. In which case, you should email ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk and inform me of the situation.

Thank you for understanding. I would be grateful if this information is cascaded to your neighbours.

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager