Chobham Manor Parking Enforcement Update June 2020


Parking enforcement update  – Chobham Manor – June 2020

Please let us take this opportunity to clarify all the parking restrictions that currently exist. Please read the following rules and regulations to familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’ts to ensure you do not inconvenience yourself or your neighbours.


Under croft car parks – for residents with a valid bay corresponding permit.

These bays consist of both privately owned bays & bays that are allocated to tenants of L&Q. All vehicles parking in these areas must be parked wholly within the confines of a marked bay, fully displaying a valid bay corresponding permit in the windscreen at all times.


Above ground numbered bays – for residents with a valid bay corresponding permit.

Generally, these bays consist of private bays legally forming part of a resident’s property. All vehicles parking in these areas must be parked wholly within the confines of a marked bay, fully displaying a valid bay corresponding permit in the windscreen at all times.


Should your bay be unavailable for any reason then please find alternative parking. Never park in a bay or area that does not correspond to the permit displayed.

Should you have any permit queries re these bays either contact the L&Q estate office on 07971 341 859 / 07572 247009 or contact the permit team at Parking Control Management (UK)Ltd (PCM) on either 01753 512603 or email

Further information regarding permit parking can be found on PCM’s FAQ page at



Unnumbered bays on Abercrombie Road & throughout Chobham Manor

These bays are for valid L&Q, Taylor Wimpey & contractor permit holders only – these bays are not to be used by any other users at any time.


Roadways / Paved or landscaped areas in and around Chobham Manor (excluding Honour Lea Avenue)

No parking is allowed on any of the above areas throughout Chobham Manor regardless of resident permit display, this includes blue badge parking. All restricted areas are clearly signposted by parking enforcement signage.


Loading bays and electric charging point bays

Loading bays are only to be used for the following reasons and time constraints, no permit is required:

To actively load or unload (max stay 30 minutes). These are not for short term parking, once you have finished loading or unloading please find alternative parking.

Electric charging bays are for charging an electric (EV) vehicle between the hours of 10am to 2pm or 5pm to 7am (max stay 3 hours) These are not extra parking bays for EV vehicles. Vehicles parked in these bays must be actively charging at all times.  Once you have charged your vehicle please find alternative parking.

Outside of the above hours between 7am to 10am or 2pm to 5pm you can use these bays to load & unload as above. Both of these bays have a maximum stay & a no return period that is advertised on the signage


Disabled bays

Currently there are no disabled bays throughout the Chobham Manor development. Blue badge parking is only available on Honour Lea Avenue parking in accordance with the Blue Badge scheme.


Visitor parking

Unfortunately, there is no visitor parking throughout the development. Visitor parking schemes implemented by Newham Council do not apply to Chobham Manor at present.

Visitor parking and un-restricted parking is available at certain times throughout the day on Honour Lea Avenue, currently this is for a max stay of 2hrs for pay by phone users between the hours of 8am to 9pm.

Outside of these hours parking is completely un-restricted.

Alternatively, additional resident or visitor parking can be accessed either at the Velodrome, Westfield Shopping Centre or Stratford International.

Failure to adhere to any of the advertised restrictions around the development will result in PCM issuing a parking charge notice (PCN). This will be a charge of £100.00 reduced to £60.00 if paid within 14 days. Anyone receiving a PCN has the right to appeal or independently appeal. Details regarding this are on the reverse of every notice.

 Parking by L&Q residents when not authorised to do so could be considered a direct breach of your tenancy agreement.

ALL enforced vehicles are photographed beforehand showing the permit or location status. Please do not approach, intimidate nor attempt to discuss a PCN with any parking control operative or a member of the L&Q team, they have no process of cancelling a charge. Any form of harassment could potentially be rendered a criminal offence.

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