Construction update – site remobilisation

Dear Residents,

We are writing to give you an update on the construction works taking place on Chobham Manor and most importantly the actions we have taken to ensure the continued health, safety and wellbeing of our workers and the people living on and around Chobham Manor.

Taylor Wimpey have gone above and beyond the current guidelines and have implemented a number of different initiatives across site and in the surrounding areas concerning Covid-19. These include-

a) Multiple cleaning stations throughout the site and the compound area for operatives to use.

b) A strict adherence to 2 metre Social Distancing rules (unless this is not possible due to task specific actions and if this is the case then additional measures are being taken including face masks and face shields)

c) Staggered break times are in operation and the welfare facilities have been altered to ensure social distancing takes place within the welfare areas

d) Operatives have undergone a new Covid-19 related Induction, and all risk assessments and method statements have been amended to include new safe working practices in light the current situation

e) Re-routing of pedestrian traffic management to ensure one way systems in place where possible and multiple passing points in place

f) We have implemented staggered starting times to remove a build up of operatives at the entrance to site and compound

g) We have obtained permission from the VeloPark to use their car park for vehicles however we are actively encouraging the use of sustainable transport such as cycling along with walking to work in the first instance.

h) Site hours have changed to 7am to 7pm. This to assist in easing peak time use of TFL network in conjunction to the staggered start times, respectively. In addition with aim to recovering time lost while construction activities was suspended.


Due to the time lost and the anticipated further time required to complete certain construction activities due to our implemented social distancing measures, our anticipated completion dates have moved. These are now as follows;


  • Phase 3E – October 2020
  • Phase 3A – January 2021
  • Phase 3D – April 2021
  • Phase 3C – September – November 2021
  • Phase 3B – November 2021
  • Phase 4 – March 2022


Currently, we are due to commence the final stage of pre-bore and piling on Phase 3B next to Derny Avenue the first week of June and it is anticipated that all work will be complete by the end of June. This will complete all piling operations on site.

On 3E Scaffold strikes within the podium are pending with the completion of brickwork to outer elevations.

3A brickwork commencing to all elevations along with cladding to mansards.

3D Scaffold erection is well underway along with brickwork progressing generally throughout the phase.

On Phase 4, the RC frame is well underway with commencement of underground services including district heating are imminent.

We would like to personally thank you for your on-going support and patience through this unpresidented time, we sincerely wish good health to you, your friends and your families.

Be smart keep 2 metres apart!

Kind Regards

Matthew Aylen

Regeneration Performance Manager

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Get the latest updates on Chobham Manor