CROP Community COOP survey results

Hello Everyone,


In August, we launched a survey to ask our Chobham Manor residents if they were interested in joining a community buying cooperative.

We received 40 responses in total with 37 residents (95%) in support of the community buying proposal. Thank you to everyone that responded to the survey.


The aim of the Community Coop is to set up a community led buying project for healthy, sustainable, lightly packaged food and cleaning products.

Following on from the survey, we plan to develop the proposal further including a discussion on how to set up a library of things. We’ve invited all the respondents who kindly provided their contact details, to a workshop and discuss the next steps to set up the Community Coop.


The workshop take place on Wednesday 14 October from 6.30-7.30pm via Zoom


If you would like to join the session, please contact CROP at and the zoom link will be shared with you before the meeting.


We look forward to welcoming you at the meeting.


Neil Sinden,

CROP (Chobham Residents Orchard Project)



You may find results of the Community Coop survey listed below:


Q1. Are you interested in the Chobham Manor community buying idea?

  • 40 responses received in total
  • 37 residents (95%) supported the community buying proposal


Q2. If yes, what products would be of most interest?

  • 90% of respondents supported a focus on non-perishable foodstuffs
  • 77% supported domestic cleaning products
  • 63% supported drinks
  • 60% supported personal cleaning items


Q3. Are there any other products you would suggest for community buying?

  • Other suggested products were bread, meat, fish, dairy, fresh fruit and vegetables.


Q4. Do you have any suggestions for suitable wholesale suppliers?

  • A number of potential suppliers and websites were mentioned including Taj Stores, Majestic Wine and Costco, with Suma wholefoods being the most popular.


Q5. Would you be willing to be part of a small volunteer team to assist in organising this project? 

  • respondents (more than half) would be willing to volunteer to help.


Q6. Would you be interested in helping to set up and use a ‘library of things’?

  • 24 respondents (57%) also supported the idea of a ‘library of things’.
  • Other ideas for community sharing include a toy library, skills sharing and learning sessions, glass and food waste recycling and community gardening/allotments.


Additional feedback:

  • One response doubted the feasibility of the proposal given lack of storage space and suggested small group visits to Costco would be easier.