*Do not ignore* – Use of break glass within buildings

Hi All,

Please can you make sure that the break glass units are not used as a regular means of leaving the building.

Activating the break glass unit leaves the building insecure. The mechanical locks do not engage.

The break glass uses more electricity to release the locks on the doors and therefore, misuse of it can lead to a faulty door. This then means all other repairs are service chargeable and at a high cost to all other residents. Furthermore, upon using the break glass, it was requires a reset which only staff members can carry out. Until that is resolved, the building is left free for anyone to access.

Please note: If you see the yellow horizon, as can be seen in the image above, this means that the door will not lock unless the break glass unit is reset. Please do not call L&Q and have a contractor attend, until I have visited and investigated in the first instance.

Only under emergency situations, should you use the break glass i.e. Fire or if the regular push to exit button is not working. In which case, you should email ahussain3@lqgroup.org.uk and inform me of the situation.

Thank you for understanding. I would be grateful if this information is cascaded to your neighbours.

Arafat Hussain – Property Manager