Estate service update

Please note the below Estate Management update:-

  1. Following feedback received that there was a lack of communication between us and residents, a new way of working was needed in Chobham Manor. In every noticeboard in each block there is a QR code which residents can scan using their smartphone and it will take them to a bespoke action plan for their individual block detailing the list of any issues raised including repairs and timescales for completion. Residents can keep track on this and also have the facility to feedback any comments into the action plans. An action plan was created to highlight all issues which have been identified as per property managers monthly estate inspections, along with all proposed remedial works and who is responsible for seeing these items through.


To make life easier for the residents and add technology into the mix, these actions plans were attached to a QR code.

A QR code is a way to scan and gain access to the action plan with minimal effort.

More information can be found at:


Please note that the QR initiative is the creation of our very own graduate Property Manager Arafat Hussain.


  • On the 7th November 2019 – L&Q Estate Management Team attended Chobham Manor, and worked on Peloton Avenue, Keirin Road, Abercrombie Road, Parkview Mansions. The team carried out an uplift to the grounds and improved the appearance of the external areas. All beds were weeded, soil turned over and filled back in with fresh wood bark. The beds on Abercrombie didn’t have wood bark to begin with so we levelled off the gravel they now look very neat and tidy, something I know the residents were keen to see happen.


The team also weeded the block paving in several parking bays on Keirin Road and round the border of the courtyard behind Parkview Mansions. As the block paving slabs are particularly small and curved in shape. We regenerated nineteen tree beds in all and have completely uplifted the areas of the estate we worked in. Going forward, the tree beds will last through to spring with the minimal of maintenance, freeing up his time for other areas of the grounds. Please click hyperlink below for before and after photographs.


  • As advised previously we will be installing trees to a number of public areas on Chobham Manor over the next 2 weeks. There will be plant and equipment involved and we hope that this work’s will be completed by Monday 25th November 2019. Ten plane trees will be delivered and planted Thursday/Friday wild flower turf for the rain garden will be delivered and installed Friday and plans are in plan to also straighten the trees.


  • Please also see October’s PCM Parking Report for Chobham Manor site. This will also be uploaded under the parking page.  CM – October 2019 LQ