Food Waste Trial Project

Food waste makes up half of all the rubbish collected in Newham and costs both the borough and residents huge amounts every year in food wasted. To try and reduce this Newham Council are launching a food waste trial project to measure the amount of food waste produced by each household in the borough.

Newham will be looking at different kinds of alternatives that they could use to reduce food waste with the aim of drawing up a list of options that work and those that don’t have any effect.

A number of volunteer residents will be selected to participate in the trial which will run for  four weeks. The volunteers will be asked to separate their food waste into compostable food waste bags every day and then weigh the waste before disposing of it their bin. Once a week the volunteers will be asked to submit their daily weights they’ve recorded measured to the Council’s waste and recycling team. They will also be asked to estimate the financial value of the food waste that is produced in their household.

If you wish to volunteer in our Food Waste Trial Project, please email by  Sunday 22 September 2019 and you will receive the application form and project information.

Newham are looking for 100 volunteer households and therefore not all applicants may be successful.

All those who are successful in becoming part for the trial will receive an email confirmation by Monday 27 September 2019 at the latest.

You will be required to attend a training workshop, where we will provide you with all relevant information, materials and equipment that you will need. The details will be emailed to successful applicants.

For more information, please click on the flyer below:

Food Waste Leaflet