Football Focus

August saw the E20 Sports Day kick off the month with football and boxing being delivered by E20 Football Foundation. Scouts were invited to watch the training sessions and were very impressed. They are arranging to invite some members to their academy for a closer look.

The E20 Football Foundation annual awards ceremony and first-ever parents meeting took place on 3rd September 2017 at Chobham Academy. Credit went to the coaches for their enthusiasm and commitment and to the players who have shown fantastic technical development and teamwork. Trophy and medal winners were:

  • Player of the season:
    Under 13s: Dylan
    Under 10s: Omar
    Under 8s: Rodrick
    Mini kickers: Malachi
    Best Sportsmanship: Rashaan
    Most improved player: Dylan
    Volunteer of the season: Rob Bunbary
    Coach’s coach of the season: Ali Mohamed
  • Coach of the season:
    Under 13s: Abraham Bunga
    Under 9s: Tiago Lopez

E20 Football Foundation looks forward to welcoming new Chobham Manor residents to join a budding schedule of FREE sport for all ages! Simply register at