L&Q Estate Management update – Festive period / Tier 4

Hi All,

Estate Management

We’ve reviewed the potential impact of the latest lockdown measures and what this means for us and our operations. The measures we already have in place mean that for most colleagues there will be no changes.

We are however going to make some changes to the services that we offer to ensure that colleagues and residents are protected. This includes increasing the cleaning that our caretakers carry out in ‘high touch’ areas of our schemes, such as doors and handrails. From midday 24 December 2020 up until the 29 December 2020, the office will be closed and staff, including caretaking team, property managers and senior management will not be available (non-working days).

From the 29 December 2020 onwards, normal services will recommence. Both the caretaking team and property manager will be accessible. Please note, property managers will not be on site as per the government guidelines. However, property managers will be working from home. Estate inspections will continue as normal. Staff will wear PPE when on site.

L&Q – Repairs and Emergencies

We understand that there are times when emergency repairs are required. Please rest assured that if you have any emergencies during this period, please contact L&Q emergency line on 0300 456 9996.

Taylor Wimpey – Emergencies 

If your property remains under warranty, you must call Taylor Wimpey emergency contact centre on 01277 236888.

Before calling, please visit the following link to help identify whether your repair request is an emergency that Taylor Wimpey can deal with.


Power outage

Please call 150 which will direct you to the network distributor’s emergency number for the E20 area.

Water loss

Before contacting anyone, please ask your neighbours whether they are experiencing water loss. This will help gauge whether the issue is site wide or just affecting your property. If various residents are affected, please contact Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 and visit the following link to check whether there is a site wide issue. https://www.thameswater.co.uk/leak/

If it is indeed a site wide issue, please inform L&Q emergency on 0300 456 9996. Some tank rooms will need to be reset. This information has been flagged on our internal systems, so that everyone is aware and can coordinate with minimal issues in regards to access etc.

PCM – Parking issues

Patrols will be continuing to operate throughout the festive period with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Should you experience any parking issues, please contact PCM on 01753 512603. Please also make sure that you send any evidence to the estate management team who create monthly heatmaps to assist PCM in tackling growing areas of abuse.

If you witness or experience any anti-social behaviour or breach of COVID rules, please refer to the website post below to ensure you report using the correct avenues.


You must ensure that the estate management team are made aware of any crime reference numbers. This is vital as it aids in indicating the level of anti-social behaviour and crime on the development.

If you experience any noise nuisance or anti-social behaviour from your neighbours, please inform the local authorities on the first instance, and similarly, keep the estate management team informed of specific details such as time, date, duration etc. This will assist, should further actions need to be taken in the future.

NB: Information is key. Any information you can provide helps us tackle problems with more efficiency

On behalf of L&Q estate management team, we wish you a safe and joyous festive break and a happy new year.

Thank you.

L&Q Estate Management Team | Taylor Wimpey