Parking Control Management (UK) – COVID-19 update

Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd (PCM)

Like all businesses within the UK and indeed, worldwide, PCM are closely monitoring the impact that COVID-19 is having on their business, colleagues, customers and business partners.

PCM are very much aware and respect the Government’s message that all UK citizens and businesses must play their part to protect the most vulnerable in our society and to ensure that the NHS has the ability to care for the inevitable, increased number of patients that will be affected by the virus over the coming days and weeks.

For these reasons, Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd has taken the decision to close business as of Tuesday 24 March 2020.

All services, including enforcement and the operated telephone line will be temporarily closed. The operated telephone line will be temporarily closed until at least the Tuesday 14 April 2020 and all patrols will be temporarily stopped until Sunday 19 April 2020.  PCM aim to resume patrols on Monday 20 April 2020. The automated payment systems will function 24/7. However please see PCM’s website for regular updates 

As enforcement has been suspended the Permit Team is now closed. We urge our car park users to park considerately for the next 3 weeks and essential contractors and care providers do not need to display a temporary code.

All enquiries relating to Parking Charge Notices must be dealt with in writing via the online appeals portal or in exceptional circumstances by post. All details can be found on the reverse of the parking charge or any relevant paperwork. Photographic evidence can be viewed online at

For those using the smart application – this is now also suspended. No parking charges will be issued from today and for the next three weeks.

NOTE: All numbered bays are privately owned and cannot be used at any time other than by the owner. Loading bays are for deliveries, refuse collections and emergency parking only.

If you have any further urgent enquiries please email Please note this is the only general contact mailbox that will be monitored. Please be patient when waiting for a reply as PCM anticipate a high volume of traffic.

I would like to thank PCM employees for their dedication over the last few weeks as we have together navigated our way through this challenge.

If you would like to follow PCM’s progress, check their Linked in page and website to keep you updated on reopening.


Kind regards,


Sadia Akram, Property Manager