Rain Garden – Phase 1 – Survey Results

Dear Residents,

Following the survey that took place last month regarding the rain garden, we would like to present the results below:

The design of the Phase 1 rain garden consisted of a wildflower meadow. A wildflower meadow allows new life and a touch of the wild to formulate outside your home. It also provides refuge and food for the wildlife, as well as a diverse habitat for plants and animals. The result would be that which is visible in Phase 2 – The Green (pictured below).


What happens next?

  1. We will begin to seed the Phase 1 rain garden with wildflower seed mix, starting in the next few weeks.
  2. Ball games will no longer be permitted in the rain garden area to restore the theme of the wildflower meadow to ensure longevity of the meadow/trees and no damage to the area. Residents are able to visit the Olympic Park where there is a lot of green spaces to enjoy ball games.
  3. Food waste/compost area will not be available in the rain garden. However, we would encourage residents to compost their food waste where they can. We recently made contact with Newham Council who provided the following information:

Residents of Newham can get subsidised compost bins from https://getcomposting.com/profile/login. Newham are also now offering 5L kitchen caddy subsidy so people can separate food internally. We can also support residents with composting workshops, please email recycling@newham.gov.uk if you would like to join a future workshop. Detailed information on composting can be found in https://www.newham.gov.uk/Pages/ServiceChild/Composting.aspx


We will keep residents updated in regards to the progress of the ongoing works we are undertaking in the rain garden via SMS and updates on Chobhamlife.co.uk


Thank you.