Rain Garden / The Green – update

Dear all residents,

We listened to you and we have implemented and will continue to do so, some amazing processes, tools and innovative plans to ensure Chobham Manor remains an iconic location. We have drawn knowledge and support from various stakeholders on the development for which we are grateful. 

Who we are and what we believe in

A core L&Q value is ‘responsibility‘, and with that comes an aim for the Chobham Manor management team and the caretaking team to deliver long, lasting solutions. It is now more than ever that ‘inclusion’, another one of L&Q’s core values has driven us to work collaboratively and draw strength from our differences.

Your caretaking team and the management team are driven to deliver a consistent and unique service. We measure our progress and achievements with one integral tool – measure the impact we have on the development and the residents who call it their home.

What we have done this week (in pictures)

The grounds team who you have met, consisting of Zee and Chris worked throughout the week to work through a process of eliminating tasks such as weeding, raking and watering plants and trees. Please note, all works carried out here were done inline with the government guidelines of adhering to social distancing. Water hoses are being utilised through out the morning and into the afternoon – thus allowing trees and plants to soak in as much water as they can during this heat.


Tuesday 2nd – Zee weeded phase 2 near plant areas and benches.


Tree bark placed down by Zee and Chris on both, phase 1 and phase 2. Helps retain the moisture from watering for a longer period of time.

play area

As Zee’s first project on phase 1 on Tuesday, he weeded the entrie play area and it looks amazing.


Facing phase 3 these plants were watered on Tuesday by Zee. As you can see the colour contrast is coming through.

This area, along with others needed weeding. This was carried out by Zee.

Weeds were cut by Chris and the external part of these houses look amazing.

Seating area in phase 2 was weeded and plants were watered.

Phase 1 trees watered. Chris did so following a plan and using his own initiative.

Zee cut back the overgrowing edges to reveal the boundary for a nice finish.

What’s to come?

The above images are an example of team work, creating a plan, supporting one another and most importantly understanding why they are doing it. This behaviour will be showcased throughout. This is the beginning. Next week there will be several things across the development (namely the rain garden and the green) we want to achieve. Once they have been completed, we will let you know.

Wishing you the very best weekend ahead. Please stay safe.

Get the latest updates on Chobham Manor


Get the latest updates on Chobham Manor