Regeneration Update

Chobham Manor is growing fast with a new neighbourhood and buzzing community. We’re keeping you informed on our progress throughout our regeneration phases.

Phase 1
Phase 1 is now nearing completion and it is not long until all areas are finished and the next residents start to move in. The Rain Garden will also be completed with the final block in Phase 1 and open for everyone to use and enjoy.
The new roads and pathways will link East Village to the Velodrome making local amenities more accessible. Then the new construction site perimeter will run along Peloton Avenue separating the ongoing work from your home.

Phase 2
As you may have noticed, construction on Phase 2 has started. The reinforced concrete frame, brickwork and relevant ground work for the first block is moving forward to plan.
There are three further blocks in Phase 2 and construction will start on the concrete frame for each block in the next few weeks. Works will first start on the block closest to Peloton Avenue and move on towards the current Project Office (Derny Avenue).

Phase 3
Work is due to start on the Community Centre and nursery in late spring 2018. The Community Centre is located where Mobile Garden City currently resides. So at the start of 2018, Mobile Garden City will be relocating to another site on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Site safety
A one way system is in place on site to reduce any disruption caused by site traffic to local roads. This one way system will be changing in the near future to allow site traffic to enter site at the main gate and leave site at the junction of Abercrombie Road and Derny Avenue. This will cause the least amount of disturbance to any residents living on Chobham Manor, East Village or those attending Chobham Academy.