Reporting suspicious behaviour / Nuisance

Dear Residents,

After an increase in individuals loitering around the Velodrome area, I wanted to take the time to ensure you are aware of the following processes to help mitigate against criminal activities and nuisance.


What do I do if i believe someone is acting suspicious?

Report them to the police right away on (101 – non emergency). Keep note of your crime number. Take note of as much information as possible, such as clothing, height, age, times, registration number and anything else you may deem as necessary and can help the police with investigating.

Should you notice any vehicles on site that draw your immediate attention (no permit, speeding excessively, individuals loitering around the vehicle, not road worthy), then take down the number plate. Do not approach them. As long as you have the rough time of their arrival, L&Q can work with the police to ensure they are dealt with appropriately.

All information you obtain can help to further any investigation – so please do share them with L&Q and the police.


I have noticed a crime, who shall I call? 101 or 999?

If a crime is taking place, then you should immediately call 999. The unit who responds will automatically cascade the information obtained down to the local neighbourhood police who have thorough local knowledge.

Chobham Manor is a family oriented and peaceful development and we would like to maintain that with your help.


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Get the latest updates on Chobham Manor