Road closure of Abercrombie Road and planned piling work

Dear Neighbours,

Re: Chobham Manor, Stratford – Development Phase 3-D, 3C and Phase 3-B/ Temporary Road closure

I am writing to update you on upcoming work at Chobham Manor. On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th March 2019 it will be necessary to partially close Abercrombie Road from 8am – 5pm on both days. Due to the recent inclement weather we have been unable to carry out important construction work on the properties along the front of Abercrombie Road on Phase 2. A cherry picker will be used to carry out works and for health and safety reasons a partial closure of Abercrombie Road will be necessary. Diversion signs will be in place and a traffic marshal appointed at the junction of Abercrombie Road and Peloton Avenue.

In addition, starting the first week of April, it is anticipated that piling work will commence on the final 3 sub-phases of Phase 3 (3D, 3C and 3B) and a small number of piles in 3A along Honour Lea Avenue.

It is anticipated that all planned piling work will be completed in June 2019, working from North-East of the site (Temple Mills Lane) towards the Velodrome. Working hours will be strictly controlled, there will be no piling allowed before 8.30am and all piling to stop by 5pm. No piling will take place at the weekend.

All construction activity will be closely monitored using noise, air quality and vibration monitors placed near sensitive receptors on site, work will be stopped if these sensors are triggered. We are again working with our environmental consultants to ensure the work causes the least amount of disruption possible.

We trust this information is useful and if you have any questions then please contact Matthew Aylen Regeneration Performance Manager by email at: or the 24/7 Park hotline on 0800 0722 110. If you are interested in finding out more about the site please visit our websites:

letter to residents: 18 and 19 March 2019 Residents Letter piling Phase 3D