Updated Security Alert 25.10.19

Dear CMRA & Residents,

As previously advised on the update on Friday 4th October 2019, over the past two weeks both L&Q and Taylor Wimpey have been working in tandem and in order to supply and provide additional locks to increase the security to the cycle stores.

As an extra tier of defence and as a deterrent, we have now introduced very robust mechanical locks to nearly all cycle stores and communication rooms. This will neither affect nor substitute the automation of doors and would also help, should any residents forget to lock the cycle stores at the time of collecting bikes.

All Communal rooms containing CCTV assets etc. shall have FB2 keys replaced with 5 Lever Mechanical Locks. ALL cycle stores shall receive mechanical locking devices with the FOBs engaged continuously. All other communal areas shall operate under the current system.

Please note that we are collectively and severally responsible for ensuring that doors to these spaces are kept locked at all times. The Estate Management Team commencing Thursday 31 October 2019 will be hand delivering and issuing the keys to all the residents affected along with a letter informing residents that they must all ensure locking the cycle store doors behind them.

A text message update will also being going out to residents to ALL blocks which boast Entrance Lobbies advising them accordingly and notifications on the same will be included on notice boards and via the Chobham Manor website.

Furthermore and as an extra deterrent, LQ and TW were also looking into the option of supply and install of additional audible security alarms to the cycle stores. Please note that the introduction of silent security alarm substitutes, will not deter the assailants and will not serve their intended purpose.

Securing Cycle Stores Locking Mechanism and Comms. Rooms – All Blocks, Addition of Security Alarms

Security Locks Progress Update:

I can confirm that the introduction of audible security alarms negate the blocks’ evacuation strategy as confirmed by BB7 our Fire Engineering Consultants. Please see below screen excerpts of the typical Block Fire Report attesting to ‘Stay Put’ and ‘No Additional Alarms in the Communal Parts’ and as follows:

means of escape

Fire alarm and detection systems

As a result, the advice sought from the specialist consultants at this time has been against the installation of audible alarms which contravenes the above fire evacuation strategy.

Kind regards,

Your Management Team

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