Using key components within your home – New and Existing residents

Hi All,

First and foremost, for those who have just purchased their new home, welcome to the Chobham Manor development and we hope you are settling into your new home. The LLP are conscious that the new Omicron variant has made it difficult for some services such as home demonstrations to be effectively delivered.

We ordinarily would engage with our residents and provide you with a live, face-to-face tutorial of how to use certain components of your home. However, we find ourselves in an unprecedented period of time whereby ensuring the wellbeing of our residents holds priority.

As such, the LLP have worked in collaboration to share with you some important and useful video guides to ensure you are able to make the most of your home during Christmas. You can access the videos by visiting the following link. 

We are also conscious that our existing residents may require these useful tutorials and therefore, we have ensured this is available on the Chobham Life website.

Thank you for your understanding.


Chobham Manor LLP.